With this release, the Python script has been refactored and tested against some coding guidelines. Additionally, the JavaScript Map has been refactored to avoid re-definition of this class name due to the existing Map class.

Release Notes

Refactoring of Python script

  • Type annotations for global variables and functions (including parameters and return types). Note that this requires at least Python 3.5.
  • Removed usage of unverified context when accessing remote files. Note: If you have problems concerning uninstalled certificates on macOS, take a look at the Readme to solve this problem.
  • Refactoring of function names and variables (from upper camel case to lowercase with underscore)
  • New function message(text: str, state: int, *args: str) which handles the output of messages
  • Additional tests for source data provided within data/source.json
  • Option to define the last data row in data/source.json as difference from the total number of rows. This makes the source file more flexible since updates to the data file can be handled more efficiently.
  • Documentation for all functions

Refactoring of JavaScript files

Closed issues

  • #3 (Code documentation)