[RELEASE] Version 3.0.0


With this release, the project is now responsive! You can use it on every device but please note that when using it on mobile devices, you will get a warning that your device size is not perfect. For the best experience, use a device with at lease 1200 pixels width. Additionally, some styling and markup has been modified.

Another feature which has been added is the ability to share the current settings by copying and sharing the current URL of the page. This is possible since the current settings are now added as URL fragments to the current URL. When loading the page, these fragments will be used to preselect the settings for the visualization.

Since it's necessary, I also added the ability to download and show the license of the data which are provided by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany. You will find license information at the bottom of the page inside the footer.

Closed issues

  • #2 (Responsive)