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* [Java 8+](
* [Processing](
* Microphone
* Twitter API credentials
### How to create Twitter API credentials
For this app to run, you need valid Twitter API credentials. To get one of them, head to [Twitter Application Management](,
sign in (or sign up) and click on `Create New App`. After giving some necessary information, your app will be created.
Now click on the `Keys and Access Tokens` tab and copy the following data:
* Consumer Key (API Key)
* Consumer Secret (API Secret)
* Access Token
* Access Token Secret
## Usage
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You can either run the program using the Processing project or the exported Build files.
### Processing source code
1. Clone or download the project from GitHub
2. Open Processing
3. Open the file [trumpinator.pde](trumpinator/trumpinator.pde).
2. Copy the [credentials.sample](trumpinator/credentials.sample) file to `credentials` and provide your Twitter API credentials:
cd trumpinator
cp credentials.sample credentials
3. Open Processing
4. Open the file [trumpinator.pde](trumpinator/trumpinator.pde).
**Important: All files and folders need to be inside a folder called *trumpinator* (which they are, by default, when
you clone the repository)**
4. Press `Run` or type `⌘`+`R` / `Ctrl`+`R`
5. Press `Run` or hit `⌘`+`R` / `Ctrl`+`R`
### Build files
Head to the [Releases]( section and download the binary files for
your Operating System. After downloading, just run the binary file.
......@@ -46,6 +69,8 @@ Currently the following operating systems are supported:
* Windows (32-/64-bit)
* Linux (32-/64-bit)
**Note: The build files will be removed in a later release since it's now necessary to provide custom API credentials for Twitter.**
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