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## What the hell is that?
*Trumpinator* is our new method to help you get rid of your bad mood in relation to Donald Trump. We all know that he's a unsuitable president and we want him to know our frustration about him. So we decided to develop a tiny program which reads the lastest 200 tweets of @realdonaldtrump and enables you to destroy all of them by screaming inside your computer's mic. You will see, it's freeing! :-)
## How to start
There are both a built macOS application and the open-source Processing code available.
### macOS application
To start the application, you need to
1. Clone or download the project from GitHub
2. Open the file *application/*
### Processing project
If you want to open the project directly with Processing, you need to
1. Clone or download the project from GitHub
2. Open Processing
3. Open the file *trumpinator.pde*. **Important: All files and folders need to be inside a folder called *trumpinator* (which they are, by default, when you clone the repository)**
## Resources we have used
* Twitter4J (
* Minim (
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