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  • 2.0.0
    3223383b · [RELEASE] Version 2.0.0 ·
    Release 2.0.0

    Trumpinator has experienced some breaking changes. Now it's necessary to provide Twitter API credentials in order to run the application.

    For more instructions about generating and providing your own Twitter API credentials, take a look at the README file.

    Note that in the future no build files will be produced and distributed anymore since for now it's necessary to provide your own Twitter API credentials.

    Happy screaming :trollface:

  • 1.0.0
    ac8821a4 · FIX: Documentation ·
    Release 1.0.0

    We proudly present our first version of Trumpinator, the world's best opportunity to deal with Donald Trump's statements!

    Don't you like what he's talking about on Twitter? No problem, just scream everything you have on your mind inside your computer's mic and it will destroy all the crappy stuff @realDonaldTrump is talking about on Twitter!


    Supported Operating Systems

    • macOS
    • Windows (32-/64-bit)
    • Linux (32-/64-bit)


    • Java 8+
    • In case you want to build the application by your own, you also need Processing